Making Excuses: Are Excuses Killing Your Purpose?

Goliath-sized monsters wander around in all of our minds.  They try to destroy every goal and dream we have.  If you ever want to become wealthy, you MUST learn how to kill these monsters of the mind.  If you avoid them, they’ll destroy your personality, character, and brain, and leave you crippled, old, and regretful that you didn’t do more with the life you had.  These mental monsters also go by another name:  Excuses.

Making Excuses can kill your ability to build wealth and find your purpose in life. This is how excuses can grow into monsters that terrorize our lives:

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Value of Time: The Fourth Dimension of Wealth

This is NOT another normal article on how money, compounding interest, and the value of time creates wealth.  Trust me, this article is different.  It has two aliens in it named, Albert and Cliff.

TIME is a fascinating dimension to explore.  Philosophers have theorized that TIME is our fourth dimension of life here on earth.  Considering that our minds spend the majority of our lives processing the information flowing out of the three dimensions of space, I thought it would be a great investment of time to explore this fourth dimension of TIME.  Let’s really learn and explore how the value of time impacts our minds, attitudes, and ability to create wealth.

I’d like to ask you question before we travel deeper into this story:

“How does a wealthy and a poor mind see the value of time differently?”

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Overcoming Perfectionism: Master your Priorities!

This story shows the pyramid you HAVE TO LEARN if you want to overcome perfectionism and build wealth!

I felt like I was flying a rocket ship around the colorful, psychedelic planets of my dreams.  But suddenly it felt like I’d just crashed into the moon.  The alarm clock went off.  It was 6 AM.  I opened my eyes from the deep sleep. Down the hallway in the kitchen,I heard my wife screaming at me:

“You didn’t listen to me again! You didn’t buy enough mushrooms for my pot luck party!”

I reached over and turned off the alarm clock.  I felt like I was still floating in space because it was still dark out.  I rubbed my eyes and put my glasses on.  I grabbed a t-shirt and yelled back down the hallway.

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Purpose of Life, and How to Create Wealth

My name is Bill, and my wife is Amanda. Our adventure to wealth began with a very simple dream: to find the purpose of life.

During my 20’s, my purpose of life is all I really thought about.  The first time the thought appeared in my mind, I knew it was a journey worth devoting my life to.  I became obsessed with trying to understand what the purpose of life was really about.  I spent all my time building my mind; reading, writing, and experimenting; and improving my character, so that when the adventure to find my purpose finally came to me, I would be ready like a perfectly prepared ninja heading out on their first mission. 

But a strange thing happened as I learned, evolved, and grew: On the journey to discover my purpose of life, I accidentally discovered how to create wealth.

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Find Yourself and Conquer the Crazy Inside of You.

I call this style of writing DJ fiction, because I feel it’s just like a DJ spinning records.  Everything is true, but I mashed together a lot of different eras of my life to create this hybrid form of writing to tell a story about finding yourself. 

I walked into the psychologist’s office and slowly sat down.  My mind whirled like I was getting strapped into a broken amusement park ride and I wasn’t sure I’d be safe.  I always have felt embarrassed and ashamed for being in places like this.

I confronted these same feelings of inadequacy every time I entered this room.  How had my life come to this point?  Why did I have to talk to a psychologist to sort out my deepest problems?  Why couldn’t I figure it out on my own?  I was a smart, successful, rich human being at this point in my life.  But the question that plagued me was, if I was so intelligent and successful, why couldn’t I figure myself out on my own?  How had I lost my life direction so badly that I had to rely on a psychologist’s advice to help me find myself again?

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Money and Investing Super Powers = Jedi and Ninja Wealth

I remember when I used to feel inadequate about money and investing.  I felt like I was floating in the middle of a dangerous ocean, with no wind in my sails, and I lost the directions to get home.

It was a helpless, scary feeling, because I desperately wanted to understand money and investing, but I didn’t know where to start.  I imagined life would be easier if I understood how to grow money from money, but getting that knowledge felt so elusive. It felt like financial wisdom was reserved for a select club. Unless you were born into that club, or went to school for years to learn it, you’d forever be struggling, while the few people who did understand money would be passionately living their dream life.

This post is about my road to learn how money and investing works. Once I began to learn, I stopped feeling lost and afraid.  I started to feel empowered.  Learning was the breeze that filled my sails.  Learning helped me cross my ocean of challenges, and find my dream life on the other side.

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Disappointed? Here’s the Key to Fix it.

I’ve been disappointed the last few months.  I’ve been trying to get pregnant since the middle of summer, but every month, I’ve had to deal with seeing the same disappointment: a negative test result.

I am not going to lie. I thought my dream of becoming a mother would be easier than this.  My expectations of a perfect life led me to believe that the journey to parenthood would happen smoothly.  I didn’t expect to be so disappointed on the path to find my perfect life.

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