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Disappointed? Here’s the Key to Fix it.

I’ve been disappointed the last few months.  I’ve been trying to get pregnant since the middle of summer, but every month, I’ve had to deal with seeing the same disappointment: a negative test result.

I am not going to lie. I thought my dream of becoming a mother would be easier than this.  My expectations of a perfect life led me to believe that the journey to parenthood would happen smoothly.  I didn’t expect to be so disappointed on the path to find my perfect life.

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Confronting the Dangerous Lies I Tell Myself to Fit In

The first step I took to find my real-self was going on a mission to destroy the lies I tell myself to fit in. The way to wealth is simple:  we must learn from our mistakes, put our revelations into practice, and destroy the poisonous lies we tell ourselves that lead us to become people we’re not.  

I learned a lot about myself this last weekend as I took a trip to Denver, Colorado. My goal was to become more aware of my thoughts than I’ve ever been.  This is the story of how I won against the lies I tell myself, and began to destroy them like the evil snakes that they are.

I traveled to Colorado to attend a family member’s birthday party.  I’ll be honest, seeing my family has always been one of the hardest things for me to do.  I don’t know why, but I always feel desperate to be accepted by them.  They are some of the closest people in my life; who have watched me stumble through the years to find myself; but even in our closeness, I have an internal fear of not being understood by them. Continue reading “Confronting the Dangerous Lies I Tell Myself to Fit In”

3 Ways to Avoid Wasted Time and Life

Waiting until tomorrow to start finding yourself, is like setting today on fire and watching it burn into a pile of ashes in your hand.  The person who procrastinates will not find wealth.  Procrastination leads to a life that means little.  To find wealth, see time as your most valuable possession.

Over the weekend, I, Amanda, text a friend to hang out.  The phone conversation went something like this:

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Fighting in a Relationship: Solving Marriage Fights

My husband and I got into a big fight in our marriage last night for no good reason.  Fighting in a relationship hurts.  Relationship fights don’t need to happen.  This is what we learned, and how we’re going to overcome our marriage fights in the future.

To tell the full story, I need to rewind to where this fight first started…

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Average Days Stink! How to Turn Your Time into a Fun Adventure

Stepping out with faith into the unknown, and going on an adventure outside of your comfort zone, is one of the most overlooked steps on the stairway to build wealth.

I am 35 years old, and my wife is 27. When we started dating, we had some bad debt: a school and car loan totaling in the low five-figure range.  That was our first goal as a dating couple: working together to get debt-free.  It took us about a year of sacrificing.  We went at each day with the mentality that even a McDonald’s Egg-McMuffin was a big purchase, and eventually our last debt payment was made, and we were free from debt.

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