Best Advice Ever In Two Words:

The waves of Lake Superior surged through sub-freezing temperatures and smashed against the side of the highway as we drove up north this past weekend.  We were already two hours north of Minneapolis, and we had two more hours to go to reach, Lutsen Ski Area.   My wife touched my arm inside our warm car; we were celebrating our two year marriage anniversary.  This wasn’t the place I was expecting to find the best advice for life in two words.

“An epiphany just hit me.” My wife said.  “I just realized two of the most important two words in the English language everyone should know by heart.  It has to be the best advice ever.  You need to master these words if you want to be successful and live your dreams in life.”

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Best Marriage Advice Ever

This post is about Day #2 on our two year wedding anniversary and the best marriage advice we’ve learned.


The next morning we left our hotel and finally made it to, Lutsen Ski Area.

As the morning sun rose above the pine-forest covered hills, the first chair lifts began to turn.  We were two of the first skiers to get onto the Gondola. With 1000 skiable acres, Lutsen, in my opinion, is the best area in the Midwest.  The runs are long, steep, and just challenging enough to give you a thrill as you reach top speed and fly down them.  Lutsen Ski Area isn’t as sprawling and awe-inspiring as real mountain resort, but since it’s only a few hours away, and a fraction of the price ($300 for both of us for 2 nights/2 days), it was well worth the money to explore the northern backyard of our home state. Continue reading “Best Marriage Advice Ever”

Falling in Love: How to Become a 2-Person Adventure.

Amanda’s and my life changed drastically the first few months we were married in 2015.  Falling in love was the easy part.  Becoming a mutually-beneficial, two-person adventure was the hard part!   

A week after we were married, we bought our first home and moved in together. Our two different personalities crashed together, and fairly quickly, we realized that we had to learn an entire new language to happily co-exist together.  This is the story about how we did it, and our journey to find the happiness we both dream of.

We got married for the right  reasons (we thought).  But as we soon found out, married life is HARD to figure out!

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Relationship Problems: 3 Lessons Learned the Hard Way

Healthy relationships should feel like a bubbling fresh spring of water inside of us.  They should naturally fill our lives full with feelings of happiness, wealth, and fulfillment. But when we experience relationship problems, that same fresh water can feel like it’s boiling and scalding us from inside our heart, and contaminating the happiness we feel in our lives.

I’ll be honest:  It only took me 3 weeks of being married to realize why the divorce rate is so high in America.  We are all imperfect people.  Bad habits are hard to break, and forgiveness is difficult.  Realizing that we have our own flaws can be a devastating blow to our egos.  Our patience wears thin. It can feel easier to quit, than to find solutions.  But we have to remember that relationship problems are a normal part of life for all of us at some point.

Here are 3 lessons I’ve learned the hard way to improve my relationship problems:

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Confronting the Dangerous Lies I Tell Myself to Fit In

The first step I took to find my real-self was going on a mission to destroy the lies I tell myself to fit in. The way to wealth is simple:  we must learn from our mistakes, put our revelations into practice, and destroy the poisonous lies we tell ourselves that lead us to become people we’re not.  

I learned a lot about myself this last weekend as I took a trip to Denver, Colorado. My goal was to become more aware of my thoughts than I’ve ever been.  This is the story of how I won against the lies I tell myself, and began to destroy them like the evil snakes that they are.

I traveled to Colorado to attend a family member’s birthday party.  I’ll be honest, seeing my family has always been one of the hardest things for me to do.  I don’t know why, but I always feel desperate to be accepted by them.  They are some of the closest people in my life; who have watched me stumble through the years to find myself; but even in our closeness, I have an internal fear of not being understood by them. Continue reading “Confronting the Dangerous Lies I Tell Myself to Fit In”

Fighting for Your Marriage: Enjoy the Vacation Already!

My wife and I struggled fighting with each other when we first started traveling together.  We’d leave the house for a trip, and the rest of the vacation felt like a war between two strong-willed people determined to see who’s will was stronger whenever a decision had to be made.  

The trip would always feel less like a harmonious adventure, and more like a battleground to see who would win. I will tell you right now, THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO EXPERIENCE A RELAXING VACATION WITH THE PERSON YOU CARE ABOUT MOST. 

As we packed our bags and prepared for our most recent vacation together, my wife said something that actually made me stop and listen. She said: “How we choose to think, can change everything about our life.”

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Fighting in a Relationship: Solving Marriage Fights

My husband and I got into a big fight in our marriage last night for no good reason.  Fighting in a relationship hurts.  Relationship fights don’t need to happen.  This is what we learned, and how we’re going to overcome our marriage fights in the future.

To tell the full story, I need to rewind to where this fight first started…

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