7 Wealth Creation Tips I Learned in a Break Dancing Crew

In my soul, there is a deep-rooted reason why I believe wealth creation is an artistic expression rather than a mathematical science.

The main reason I view the subject of wealth as an artistic journey, rather than a mathematical equation, is because I spent the majority of my formative years dancing my heart out in a break dancing crew. Continue reading “7 Wealth Creation Tips I Learned in a Break Dancing Crew”

Master Money and Investing: Jedi and Ninja Wealth

I remember when I used to feel inadequate about money and investing.  I felt like I was floating in the middle of a dangerous ocean, with no wind in my sails, and I lost my direction home.

It was a helpless, scary feeling to know almost nothing about money and investing, because I desperately wanted to master money, but I didn’t know where to start.

I always imagined life would be easier if I understood how to grow money from money, but getting that knowledge felt so elusive. It felt like financial wisdom was reserved for a select club. Unless you were born into that club, or went to school for years to learn it, you’d forever be struggling money, while the few people who did understand money and investing would be passionately living their dream lives.

This story is about my road to learn how money and investing works. Once I began to learn, I stopped feeling lost and afraid.  I started to feel empowered.  Learning was the breeze that filled my sails.  Learning helped me cross my ocean of challenges, and find my dream life on the other side.  

This is how you start to learn to master money and investing:

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Growing Wealth: The Simple Way

I stalked through the forest as quietly as I could.  I was on a deer hunting way up north. I stepped over logs and rocks, and I looked for deer watching me through the tree branches.  I was alone, exploring my thoughts, and searching for the secret to growing wealth.

I felt submerged in the overgrowth as I walked beneath the tree tops in my blaze orange hunting jacket.  I realized money and status didn’t mean anything out here.  The qualities that made you a wealthy were the quality of your thoughts running through your mind.  Growing wealth, I realized, starts here.  

The first step to growing wealth, is growing the thoughts in your mind, I thought.  So what’s the next step?  Continue reading “Growing Wealth: The Simple Way”

Wealthy or Rich? Is there a Difference?

There is a massive difference between being rich and being wealthy.  They are as different as living with, and without a heart.  They may look like identical experiences on a spreadsheet, or from the outside looking in, but being rich and being wealthy, are two drastically different experiences.

I can remember the moment when I first noticed the difference between the two lifestyles, and the moment I chose the goal of building wealth in my life.

I was at a Christian networking event I had been invited to.  I am a sales person in my day job, so after engaging in small talk with a few strangers and looking for business, I found a table and waited for the speaker to take the stage.

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7 Wealth Building Tips Learned from Football

I fell in love with NFL football 15 years ago, and it has inspired my own path to building wealth.  Once I understood the mentality, strategy, and toughness it takes to win games on Sundays, I was hooked.  A football game is much more than mindless buffalo-sized men running into each other.  It is a beautiful chess match with human beings that move like coordinated pieces. Building wealth, like football, is a thinking person’s game.  Here are seven secret wealth building tips I have found hidden inside the game of football:    

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