The Wealth Mindset = A Wealthy Life and Reality.

If you read this blog regularly, and view each article as a piece of mental software that can be downloaded to improve your mind, you will become wealthy.  Creating a mindset that naturally inspires you to create a great life is the new way we define wealth.  This is what we call the Wealth Mindset.  This is how and why:

Part of Wealth Well Done’s culture and mission is to call out the lies that have slithered into American Culture.  For example, one of the biggest lies is that in order to be wealthy, you need to sacrifice your happiness for the biggest paycheck.

This is a lie.

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Best Advice Ever In Two Words:

The waves of Lake Superior surged through sub-freezing temperatures and smashed against the side of the highway as we drove up north this past weekend.  We were already two hours north of Minneapolis, and we had two more hours to go to reach, Lutsen Ski Area.   My wife touched my arm inside our warm car; we were celebrating our two year marriage anniversary.  This wasn’t the place I was expecting to find the best advice for life in two words.

“An epiphany just hit me.” My wife said.  “I just realized two of the most important two words in the English language everyone should know by heart.  It has to be the best advice ever.  You need to master these words if you want to be successful and live your dreams in life.”

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Best Marriage Advice Ever

This post is about Day #2 on our two year wedding anniversary and the best marriage advice we’ve learned.


The next morning we left our hotel and finally made it to, Lutsen Ski Area.

As the morning sun rose above the pine-forest covered hills, the first chair lifts began to turn.  We were two of the first skiers to get onto the Gondola. With 1000 skiable acres, Lutsen, in my opinion, is the best area in the Midwest.  The runs are long, steep, and just challenging enough to give you a thrill as you reach top speed and fly down them.  Lutsen Ski Area isn’t as sprawling and awe-inspiring as real mountain resort, but since it’s only a few hours away, and a fraction of the price ($300 for both of us for 2 nights/2 days), it was well worth the money to explore the northern backyard of our home state. Continue reading “Best Marriage Advice Ever”

Making Excuses: Are Excuses Killing Your Purpose?

Goliath-sized monsters wander inside all of our minds.  Their main goal is to try to destroy every dream we have.  If you want to become wealthy, you MUST learn how to kill these monsters in your mind.  If you don’t, they’ll destroy your personality, character, and talents, and leave you crippled, old, and regretful that you didn’t do more with your life.  These mental monsters also go by another name:  They’re called Excuses.

Making Excuses to get out of things you’re supposed to be doing can kill your ability to build wealth and find your purpose in life.

Excuses start as small innocent words, but this is how making too many excuses can grow these words into giant monsters that terrorize our lives:

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Value of Time: The Fourth Dimension of Wealth

This is NOT another normal article on how money, compounding interest, and the value of time creates wealth.  Trust me, this article is different.  It has two aliens in it named, Albert and Cliff.

TIME is a fascinating dimension to explore.  Philosophers have theorized that TIME is our fourth dimension of life here on earth.  Considering that our minds spend the majority of our lives processing the information flowing out of the three dimensions of space, I thought it would be a great investment of time to explore this fourth dimension of TIME.  Let’s really learn and explore how the value of time impacts our minds, attitudes, and ability to create wealth.

I’d like to ask you question before we travel deeper into this story:

“How does a wealthy and a poor mind see the value of time differently?”

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Overcoming Perfectionism and Anxiety: Create Success Instead!

This story shows the pyramid you HAVE TO LEARN if you want to overcome perfectionism and anxiety, and create success and wealth.

I felt like I was flying a rocket around the colorful planets in my dreams, when suddenly I felt like I crashed into the moon.  The alarm clock went off.  It was 6 AM.  I opened my eyes from the deep sleep. Down the hallway in the kitchen,I heard my wife screaming at me:

“You didn’t listen to me again! You didn’t buy enough mushrooms for my pot luck party!”

I reached over and turned off the alarm clock.  I felt like I was still floating in space because it was still dark out.  I rubbed my eyes and put my glasses on.  I grabbed a t-shirt and yelled back down the hallway.

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