Understand your Challenges, to Find Your Way to Wealth.

I am on a journey to find my purpose of life. I believe finding purpose is the foundation that all great wealth is built on. The unconventional way to wealth is by understanding life’s challenges, and attacking them head on.

To find purpose, you must overcome the challenges you face.  Overcoming challenges really is the stairway to your dreams.

I dream of living the life I want to live, rather than a life I am forced to live. I am always asking the challenges I face on a daily basis, these questions: Why are you here? Why am I on this earth to overcome you?  What are you here to teach me?

I have learned that there is a power inside each challenge.  This power is like a treasure of knowledge that will help me find my wealth in life.  If I can unlock and understand the knowledge that challenges teach me, I can find the path to the life I want to live, rather than the life I am forced to live.

I am staring out of my office window thinking about this subject now.  My home-office windows face my backyard, where we back against a Minnesota nature preserve.  The sun is shining.  A light breeze is blowing. The prairie grass has changed from a bright summer green, into a golden September color.

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Kick Fear in the Butt and Start Living

In order to for us to find our wealth, we must face the demons in our life that try to keep us from achieving the lives we desire. It takes every ounce of courage and determination we have to conquer fear, but that’s where our journey to wealth begins.

I woke up this morning and looked around my bedroom. Beyond my toes, I could see the daily monsters that join me in my reality every morning. I opened my eyes wider and I saw that these monsters are my enemies. I know that they need to be dealt with for me to be successful, and I began to plot my counter attack against them.

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