Making Excuses: Are Excuses Killing Your Purpose?

Goliath-sized monsters wander inside all of our minds.  Their main goal is to try to destroy every dream we have.  If you want to become wealthy, you MUST learn how to kill these monsters in your mind.  If you don’t, they’ll destroy your personality, character, and talents, and leave you crippled, old, and regretful that you didn’t do more with your life.  These mental monsters also go by another name:  They’re called Excuses.

Making Excuses to get out of things you’re supposed to be doing can kill your ability to build wealth and find your purpose in life.

Excuses start as small innocent words, but this is how making too many excuses can grow these words into giant monsters that terrorize our lives:

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Purpose of Life, and How to Create Wealth

My name is Bill, and my wife is Amanda. Our adventure to wealth began with a very simple dream: to find the purpose of life.

During my 20’s, my purpose of life is all I really thought about.  The first time the thought appeared in my mind, I knew it was a journey worth devoting my life to.  I became obsessed with trying to understand what the purpose of life was really about.  I spent all my time building my mind; reading, writing, and experimenting; and improving my character, so that when the adventure to find my purpose finally came to me, I would be ready like a perfectly prepared ninja heading out on their first mission. 

But a strange thing happened as I learned, evolved, and grew: On the journey to discover my purpose of life, I accidentally discovered how to create wealth.

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Falling in Love: How to Become a 2-Person Adventure.

Amanda’s and my life changed drastically the first few months we were married in 2015.  Falling in love was the easy part.  Becoming a mutually-beneficial, two-person adventure was the hard part!   

A week after we were married, we bought our first home and moved in together. Our two different personalities crashed together, and fairly quickly, we realized that we had to learn an entire new language to happily co-exist together.  This is the story about how we did it, and our journey to find the happiness we both dream of.

We got married for the right  reasons (we thought).  But as we soon found out, married life is HARD to figure out!

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